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Oister Tank Selv Edit

These Oister Tank Selv sim cards are data/internet only (no voice, no SMS). They can be used in any 3G compatible device (Please note that your device needs to be a GSM-device). It's possible to get both Nano (for iPhone 5/5s) and "Combi-simcard" (Contains both a regular simcard, and a micro simcard), though all resellers do now offer nano-simcards yet.

Oister uses "3" network (see below). Coverage should be the same as for "3".

There's an english overview page:


Cards are sold in post offices and by various resellers, the resellers can be found here: (This get's updated frequently now, and seems to be trustworthy)

It's possible to buy 2 different types of packages. One with voice only, and one with data only. Ask for "OiSTER Mobilt Bredbånd" (OiSTER Mobile Broadband).


There are 2 starter packs:

  • - Simcard only = 99 kr
  • - Simcard with modem = 499 kr

Both come with 7 days activation. At the end of this time, you can buy extra time:

  • 1 day: 29 kr
  • 7 days: 79 kr
  • 30 days: 199 kr
  • 90 days: 499 kr

You buy extra data on

1. Select your periode, 1, 7, 30 or 90 days.

2. Press "Gå til betaling"

3. Put in your creditcard information.

4. Copy your activation code

5. Go back to

6. Put in your "Kundenummer" (Customer ID) - and paste your activation code into "Aktiveringskode", and press "Aktivér Mobilt Bredbånd.

7. The activation process should take around 10 mins.

During the period you bought, you simcard is active. The volume limit is 50GB per periode. Each activation code represents a periode, so 1 day has the same 50 GB limit as 90 days has.

You need to active minimum 1 day pr. year, otherwise your simcard will be terminated, and you'll need to buy a new one.


The APN name is

Leave login and password blank

3 EazyInternet Tank&Surf Edit

GRE LIM Altidmed
SpoenleAdded by Spoenle

This card was discontinued around summer 2011

Maximum Transfer Speed

3 is a 3G only n etwork. Available throughout Denmark (reception may vary, of course) are: UMTS (384Kbit/s) and HSDPA (3,6 Mbit/s - which is available not only in large cities, but on the countryside as well). Important: 3 SIM cards can also be used in Sweden without additional costs since 3 operates a mobile network in Sweden as well!

Default data rateEdit

SIM card is 149 kr. = ca. € 20 for a flatrate lasting one week, which should be sufficient for most travelers. There is a fair use policy limit for 2 GB transfer volume per week.

Data feature packsEdit

29 kr. per day or 299 kr. per month are also available. Monthly usage is limited to 20 GB transfer volume.


You can get a SIM card online with a Danish address, or as an international customer at every 3 shop in Denmark. Such shops can also be found within large supermarkets such as Bilka. As of August 2011, official 3 shops did not offer prepaid SIM packages and directed to go find them at a 7-11.

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIM cards. Availability of micro SIM cards unknown.


No problem (no extra charges).

Technical detailsEdit

APN Settings
  • APN:
  • User name: none
  • Password: none
More informationEdit

Telia Edit

Telia offers a "Telia Talk" prepaid SIM.

Default data rateEdit

Sim Card is 29 DKK. Default data rate is 10 DKK per MB

You can buy add on packs that give you more data.

Data feature packsEdit

Starter pack, incl. 29 DKK of talk time 29 DKK
Data Card 1GB, 1 week 49 DKK
Data Card 3GB, 1 md. 99 DKK
Data Card 10GB, 3 months 299 DKK

Availability Available in 7-Eleven.

Data info:


Username/password: none.

SIM sizesEdit

Newer package are sold with Micro SIM, but e.g. some 7-11 still sells Standard SIM.



One Mobile Edit

Maximum Transfer SpeedEdit


Default data rateEdit

SIM card is 50 DKK (under USD $10) and includes 35 kroner of credit. Data is charged at 2 kroner / MB (about USD $0.30 / MB). This means that without topping up you likely have several days worth of data available.

Data feature packsEdit

None, pay-as-you-go only. However this is one of the lowest pay-as-you-go data rates I've ever seen.


No address needed. Walk into a participating store (many 7-11s in downtown Copenhagen, for instance), ask for a One Mobile sim card, pay cash. End of transaction.

The official list of providers is here:

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIM cards. Availability of micro SIM cards unknown.


No apparent problem.

Technical detailsEdit

APN Settings
  • APN: internet
  • if that's not enough, other fields can be filled with "internet" until it works
More informationEdit
  • (Danish only)
  • Google translate link:

TDC Edit

"Mobilt Bredbånd Tank Op" is the name of the prepaid data product of TDC at this moment (24-7-2012). This prepaid sim card doesn't include voice or text.Edit

The old name for this product: "TDC's Bredbånd-2-GO Cash" isn't been used anymore on the TDC website. I don't kwow if it's available anymore in shops. Mobilt Bredbånd Tank Op is often sold in combination with a usb-modem and called: "Mobilt Bredbånd Tank Op Startpakke".

Be aware if you use the sim in your own (usb)modem you need to change the APN to: internet (no user or password is needed)

Do not confuse this with their normal voice SIM card starter pack, which cannot be used with their cheaper data service. After wandering around downtown Copenhagen I mistakenly bought a pair of the voice only SIMs with extra credit, couldn't figure out how to activate data. Went to a TDC store only to be told the SIM cards I bought will not work with data service, and that they were sold out of the particular ones I should have bought. 7-11 wouldn't take the SIM cards back, and I couldn't find any other stores with the correct SIM card. The incorrect starter packs I bought were while with green on them, TDC MobilTid Startpakke, with 100DKK credit included.

So go find a TDC store if you want the correct SIM card.

At Fona you'll find a Tank Op Voucher sometimes for 199 DKK / 200 DKK which is valid for a month. So you can save 99 DKK compared to the TDC offer.

Maximum transfer speedEdit

1024/384 Kbit/s, up to 10 GB/month. Throttled if you exceed that.

Default data rateEdit
SIM + 1 week + Modem 399 DKK
SIM + 1 week 129 DKK
1 day 29 DKK
3 days 69 DKK
1 week 129 DKK
1 month 299 DKK


Available in TDC Butik, Elgiganten, DSB Kort & Godt , 7-Eleven. Fona, and Expert

SIM sizesEdit

Standard SIM. Micro SIM availability unknown.



Technical detailsEdit

APN: internet

More informationEdit

Lebara MobileEdit

Lebara Mobile Update August 2013

The information below appears to be out of date so I will add what I have learned during my current visit.

I purchased a Lebara Sim for 49kr and a 100kr top up voucher in a corner shop. When you call to add the top up the message is, understandably, in Danish. At the end of the message if you press 3 and then 2,  it changes the default language for the SIM card to English.

There is no need to register the sim to purchase a data bundle. However registering online will let you check account balance, data allowance remaining and let you top up online but this does require a Danish CPR identity number so I didn't bother. All you do is send a text to 5010 requesting how much data you want. The options are:

300mb - 39kr - Text 300mb to 5010

1gb - 49kr - text 1gb to 5010

2gb - 79kr - text 2gb to 5010

5gb - 99kr text 5gb to 5010

These bundles will auto renew each month if there is enough credit but as I am just here for the week it won't matter if they try to renew as there will be no credit. If you want to stop the auto-renewal you text the bundle you bought with *stop. So 5gb*stop to 5010.

I selected the 5Gb bundle and got a text confirming the purchase. I put the sim in my phone but the data would not work. I checked I had the correct settings and they appear to be different to what is shown below.

I use Android so tried these settings:

Lebara Android Settings

However it would still not work.Sadly it was 5pm on a Saturday and Customer Service did not open until Monday. I called and they did something at their end and it started to work.This may have been a one off problem but it was quickly resolved. Note you can also use Telenor settings as this is the network they use:

Name: Telenor Internet

APN: Internet

MCC: 238

MNC: 02

APN Type: default,supl

All other fields blank.

I just tried the SIM in my LTE MiFi and got 14mb download, 2.5mb upload and 96ms ping which is excellent. Even though Lebara do not use 4G yet they must have DC-HSDPA where I am (Aarhus).

So I can recommend Lebara. Easy to buy and activate (despite my delay getting it working) and no data speed cap.

End of August 2013 Update

Default data rate Edit

2,5DKK per MB.

Note from a tourist in denmark: the 1GB data pack requires you to be a Danish resident (with Danish social security number and Danish credit card). Look elsewhere for data while in CPH!

Data feature packEdit

Data pack: 1GB for 49DKK (<7€, <10US$), if exceeded automatically renewed.

Note that you need to register for this online, after signing up for their auto top-up service (with a minimum topup of 150 DKK), and that the data pack is charged to your credit card separately from the auto top-up. Thus, your minimum outlay for 1GB of data is 49 DKK (sim card) + 150 DKK (required auto top-up) + 49 DKK (data pack).

Starter packages (Startpakke, white/blue package) offered in several supermarkets (see website) and 7-11s, new SIM packages should be about 49DKK with 10DKK credit

  • reasonable prices for texts and minutes to Denmark and several European countries

In order to get the 1GB data pack working asap (not waiting for them to physically mail you your account password)...

  • Get to a computer with internet
  • Pop the SIM in your phone (with data service off so you don't burn away at the per MB limit)
  • Call their customer service number (50101010) which has a number of language options
  • Tell them you're traveling and need help setting up auto-topoff for the 1GB data service and don't have time to wait for them to send you your password via snail mail
  • After you're done registering on their site they'll SMS your SIM your account password
  • Log into the site and feed it a credit card

(Anecdote: I tried this and the customer service rep was unwilling to give me the password over the phone unless they had already mailed it and the letter was lost.)

Maximum transfer speedEdit

Max. 1Mbit/s

Technical detailsEdit


Port no.: 8080

MCC: 238

MNC: 02

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